Jatin Ryan
Jatin Ryan
Date of Birth: 09 April, 2006
Heaven Date: 09 April, 2006

It has been
Jatin, we miss you so much. for months we looked forward to your arrival and we never expected it to happen so soon. People would often ask if I wanted a girl or a boy, and I always told them that I didn't care as long as it was healthy. Was that were I went wrong? Did you have some sort of problem and God was just granting my wish of only having a healthy baby? We will never know, and it will hurt me for the rest of my life because I must have seemed so selfish. We will always love you.
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Jatin laid to rest at Quantico National Cemetery

Jatin was born on 09 April, 2006 and was buried on 14 April, 2006 which was not only his Mom's Birthday, but also Good Friday. The service was small and a very nice Army Chaplain (LTC Engle) did a wonderful job honoring Jatin.

We will never forget you kid, you are always in our hearts.

When we were first told that Jatin did not have a heartbeat we did not want to believe it. The doctors told us that Jatin had passed away and that we should go home that day and think about what we wanted to do. We decided to give birth to Jatin like normal and on the 9th we did. Jatin was born just before midnight on the 9th. We held our son for a little while and talked about how beautiful he is. We also talked about planing our son's funeral. Our daughter is almost 2 years old and we know that she would have made a great big sister given the chance. Jatin was buried at Quantico National Cemetery on 14 April.
Today was the first day that we had gone to see Jatin at the cemetery since he was laid to rest. I cannot put into words the feelings that came over me as we found his headstone. The space was hard-packed dirt and there were probably 50 others around him that looked the same. Every headstone was neatly in line, exactyl what you would expect to find in a national cemetery. Because he is the son of a veteran, my name was also inscribed on the headstone.

Mom and Jazlyn laid flowers on the grave and we stood around and talked for a little before mom had her alone time with Jatin. I took our daughter and went to look at the other headstones. I will have my time to tell Jatin the stuff I want to tell him. I just cannot do it when anyone else is there. Don't ask me why, but I need to d it alone. Maybe I wil stop down there tomorrow.
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