Kayen Freedom -Zaire Hill
Kayen Freedom -Zaire Hill
Estimated Date of Delivery: May 10, 2006
Date of Birth: April 27, 2006
Angel Date: April 27, 2006
Hello Freedom,

How are you doing, I know you are doing just fine. We all are ok here, I'm sure you know that we have our hands full with that very active Big Sister of yours. We miss you so much. We only had 8 1/2 months in the womb talking to you and I'm sure as much as we talk that was enough, especially as much as Dado talks ( Don't tell him I said that)ha!ha!
Everyday is a new challenge and another hurdle but we are making it through just fine. I'm glad that you are looking down over us and I hope we are able to make you proud. Continue to watch over us and keep a special eye on Zimri, even though she is the oldest you have the wings so surround her and continue to ask God to have mercy on us all !!!!

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These two feet though small and petite will carry a family full of love to her Heavenly Father to one day meet and greet!!!!!!!

You were safe and warm inside my womb transforming and growing just like a cocoon
We did anxiously await for the day to arrive Not knowing your fate and that we'd be saying goodbye
God had a plan It was different from ours To take you to heaven Way up past the stars
Like the butterfly emerges from its cocoon Like the bud of a rose getting ready to bloom
Your spirit is set free spread your wings and take flight He's waiting for you go into the light
I'll cry for awhile maybe for years Until I hold you in heaven Where there are no more tears....

Mary Kyburz-Butterfly Poem
Daddy please don't look so sad,
Mommy please don't cry,
Cause I'm in the arms of Jesus now and he sings me lullabies
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