Privacy Policy / Disclaimer
      Every site has a Privacy Policy and a Disclaimer.  We have tried to cover all the topics that may interest you, but feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about the Privacy Policy or the Disclaimer for this site.
Some Key Points:
  • We don't SPAM.
  • We will not share your info.
Privacy Policy:

We respect your privacy.  The loss of a baby is a tough time and we are honored that you have chosen to place a Baby Memorial Page online using our FREE service. 

In order to create a Baby Memorial Page you must first register.  Registration allows you to receive a username and a password.  Keep this password a secret.  You can change it at any time through your control panel.  You must use a valid email address when registering. This email will be used to send you your password if you forget it at a later date.

We will not share the information that you enter while registering with any other party unless required to by law.  Consider any information that you add into the Baby Memorial Page Template to be available to the general internet viewing public.  You cannot password protect your page, and this means that anyone with access to the internet can view your page.

You have to have both cookies and javascript enabled in your browser in order to use this site effectively.  we need to use cookies in order to save your login information for each session.

We use a basic site statistics program.  The information collected is not personally identifiable and only allows us to better design the site to serve you.



We are not responsible for the content of the Baby Memorial Pages.  We do not control site's external to the domain and thus cannot be held responsible for their content if linked to from a page designed through the use of the Baby Page Generator / Maker Template system.

We do not control the images and text added to pages. We are not responsible for the text and photos added to the Baby Memorial Pages.

We will delete any page or account that is found to be abusing the FREE service that we provide.  Please see the guidelines we have set below and if a page is found to be violating the guidelines please tell us about it by following the information on the contact page so that we may review the page's content and take action if necessary.

We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information on the Baby Memorial Pages. 



When designing a Baby Memorial Page we ask that you:

  • Do not post pictures showing nudity that may be considered pornographic.
  • Do not use the page as an advertisement for a product or service.
  • Do not post slanderous, illegal material, links to external sites that are not in the best interest of the visitors of this site and do not post information which you know to not be true.






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